Special Dogs

Lighthouse Razzmatazz


(AFC Fields Edge Silhouette X Grouse Wings Alexandra)

DOB: 01/24/99   Color: White & Liver   Sex: Male   Call Name: Raz
Health Clearances: OFA Hips: EN-7894E26M-PI (Excellent), OFA Elbows: EN-EL272-PI, CERF: EN-4292/2006, PFK clear

The only surviving male of the hard luck litter that suffered many fatalities from a bacteria infection passed over in-utero, this boy is our silver lining to that very dark cloud. Owned by Bob Burnett from the Upper Peninsula, he produced several litters of dogs we love. A large male, he's handsome, has an incredible nose, very soft mouth, and one of the best temperaments we know. We definitely should have kept this dog! Thanks, Bob, for letting us borrow him from time to time! Please click here to go to his page.

Lighthouse Tashtego


(FC Spiked Moon Pie MH X Grouse Wings Alexandra)

DOB: 06/03/00   Color: White & Liver   Sex: Female   Call Name: Tashie
Health Clearances: OFA hips: EN-8573G28F-PI (Good); OFA elbows: EN-EL356F28-PI; CERF: EN-4423N/2006, PFK clear.

Tashie's outstanding temperament and monkey dog antics make her a great favorite! Her pedigree is extremely important to us, and we feel fortunate to have her in our breeding program. Our thanks to owners Javier and Ana Cardona for taking such excellent care of her and giving her the attention she deserves!

Lighthouse To Catch A Thief


(Lighthouses Razzmatazz X FC CFC Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink)

DOB: 06/28/02   Color: Liver & White   Sex: Female   Call Name: Landis
Health Clearances: OFA hips: EN-9437G24F-NOPI (Good); OFA elbows: EN-EL513F24-NOPI; OFA patellas: EN-PA59/24F/P-NOPI; CERF: EN-5363/2007; PFK clear

Landis is super sweet, and super soft without the "worrying" that can often plague that sort of demeanor. Our sincere thanks to Lloyde and Sharon Childs for offering her their home and allowing us to keep her in our breeding program. We are very grateful!

Lighthouse Takes A Little Time


(NFC FC AFC KB's Sir Coach X FC AFC Dansmirth's Wavecrest Fete SH)

DOB: 11/30/98   Color: Liver & White   Sex: Female   Call Name: Hurry
Health Clearances: OFA hips: EN-8573G28F-PI (Good); OFA elbows: EN-EL356F28-PI; CERF: EN-4423N/2006, PFK clear.

Bred by Jason, Hurry is very sweet and the household companion to an infant and a toddler. Her brothers, Rev and Amos, are National winners, and Hurry is a fabulous hunting dog. Our sincere thanks to Chris & Sue Lynch for taking such wonderful care of her and letting us borrow her occasionally.