Cheddar Running in the Field.

The following are links we find very valuable:

  • ESSFTA - The parent club for English Springer Spaniels. Lots of really good information, especially for people trying to find a puppy.
  • - Lots of field trial information at your fingertips: Dates, Interclub information, and more.
  • Spaniel Journal - Interesting articles for people who have field-bred spaniels. A really great read--check it out!
  • Springer Rescue - Looking for a great pet? Check out English Springer Spaniel rescue!
  • How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves - "If you can have only one training book, it should be How To Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves."
  • Spaniel Sport - Spaniel photography by one of our clients, Greg Miller
  • Geeb.Net - Performance Dog photography by one of our clients, Mark Gebert
  • South Central Alaska Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society - From friends up north, it's a chapter featuring Springers.